Leanne Richardson, trading as Pride Protect is an Appointed Representative of PRIMIS Mortgage Network a trading name of First Complete Limited (Our Network). Registered and registered by the Financial Conduct Authority.

During the course of dealing with us we will ask you to provide us with detailed personal
information relating to your existing circumstances, your financial situation and, in some
cases, your health and family health history (Your Information). We would like to explain to
you what we will need to do with Your Information, and the various rights you have in
relation to Your Information.

Your Information means any information describing or relating to you. Your Information may
identify you directly, for example your name, address, date or birth, National Insurance
number and the like. Your Information may also identify you indirectly, for example, your
employment situation, your physical and mental health history, or any other information that
could be associated with your cultural or social identity.
In the context of providing you with assistance in relation to your mortgage and/or insurance
Your Information may include:
• Title, names, date of birth, gender, nationality, civil/marital status, contact details,
addresses and documents that are necessary to verify your identity
• Employment and remuneration information, (including salary/bonus
schemes/overtime/sick pay/other benefits), employment history
• Bank account details, tax information, loans and credit commitments, personal credit
history, sources of income and expenditure, family circumstances and details of
• Health status and history, details of treatment and prognosis, medical reports (further
details are provided below specifically with regard to the processing we may undertake
in relation to this type of information)
• Any pre-existing mortgage and/or insurance products and the terms and conditions
relating to these
When we speak with you about your mortgage and/or insurance requirements we do so on
the basis that a contract for the supply of services is in place between us. In order to
perform that contract, and to arrange the products you require, we have the right to use Your
Information for the purposes we set out below.
Alternatively, either in the course of initial discussions with you or when the contract between
us has come to an end for whatever reason, we have the right to use Your Information
provided it is in our legitimate business interest to do so and your rights are not affected.
For example, we may need to respond to requests from mortgage lenders, insurance
providers and our Network relating to the advice we have given to you, or to make contact
with you to seek feedback on the service you received.
On occasion, we will use Your Information to enable us to meet any contractual
responsibilities we may owe our Network, or for wider compliance with any legal or regulatory obligation to which we might be subject. If this were to arise we would be
processing Your Information in order to meet a legal, compliance or other regulatory
obligation to which we are subject.
Where you ask us to assist you with your insurance needs, in particular life insurance and
insurance that may assist you in the event of an accident or illness, we will ask you
information about your ethnic origin, your health and medical history (Your Special Data). We
will record and use Your Special Data in order to make enquiries of insurance providers in
relation to insurance products that may meet your needs and to provide you with advice
regarding the suitability of any product that may be available to you.
If you have parental responsibility for children under the age of 16 it is also very likely that we
(and consequently our Network) will record information on our systems that relates to those
children and potentially, to their Special Data.
The arrangement of certain types of insurance may involve disclosure by you to us of
information relating to historic or current criminal convictions or offences (together “Criminal
Disclosures”). This is relevant to insurance related activities such as underwriting, claims and
fraud management.
Your Special Data and any Criminal Disclosures will be used by us in the same way as Your
Information generally, as set out in this Customer Privacy Notice.
When we process your Special Data and any Criminal Disclosures we do so on the basis that
it is in the substantial public interest to be able to provide vital insurance products and as
permitted by UK data protection related laws and regulations from time to time. Information
on Special Category Data and Criminal Disclosures must be capable of being exchanged
freely between insurance intermediaries such as our Firm, and insurance providers, to
enable customers to secure the important insurance protection that their needs require.
We will collect and record Your Information from a variety of sources, but mainly directly from
you. You will usually provide information during the course of our initial meetings or
conversations with you to establish your circumstances and needs and preferences in
relation to mortgages and insurance. You will provide information to us verbally and in
writing, including email.
We may also obtain some information from third parties, for example, credit checks,
information from your employer, and searches of information in the public domain such as
the voters roll. If we use technology solutions to assist in the collection of Your Information,
such as software that is able to verify your identity online or to access your credit status
and/or bank account entries, then you will be required to provide your consent for us or our
nominated processor to access your information in this manner, and details of how such
software operates will be provided to you prior to the activation of the service.