When should I review my Life Insurance?

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I hear alot of people say 'oh yes I have Life Insurance already' but do you know if it is right for you right now? Life never stays the same.

So here is a list of reasons to review your insurances:
  • A house move - have you borrowed more?
  • When you borrow more on your house
  • A new job - has your pay gone up? Has your job typed changed?
  • An increase in outgoings - did you take the maximum income protection out available to you or was it less?
  • A new baby or child that is dependent on you - you can also have critical illness for them if you haven't got it already.
  • Children moving out and no longer financially dependent
  • An increase in surplus income - perhaps you have a better budget for your insurance needs now

These are just some of the reasons. As our lives change its important that our insurances reflect what we really need.

My husband and I recently reviewed and updated ours following a house move. We kept elements of our cover and simply topped some of them up.

You can book a 40 minute review here