Things that you can do during this time of the Covid-19

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I wanted to write this blog post as we are all in the same boat right now. Some of us are employed and working from home whilst attempting to be 'Teacher'. Some of us are Furloughed and now have lots of time at home to do things that we don't normally have time for or being Mummy/Daddy/Teacher. Some of us are Self-Employed and are working around being Mummy/Daddy whilst trying to keep a business afloat.

Last week was the first week for most people where panic might have set in and all routines went out of the window. This week people are starting to get into some sort of routine and see the wood for the trees.

Regardless of the time you have right now it is really important to take care of you, take care of your mental and physical state. Find the time to enjoy your hobbies, do some exercise, de-clutter your home as these will all help you. Playing with your children can also help you to unwind and free up some mental space.

I have found that often I feel guilty when I am with my daughter if I have some work to do and other times I feel guilty for working when I want to be with my daughter. Now I have put a structure in place, ensuring that my day is filled with a morning and afternoon activity for my daughter, whether that is with me or her daddy. I then know that she is content and I can find the time to work.

This time has also meant alot have taken mortgage holidays and looked at their finances. Here are some things you might also want to review:

  • Your Life Insurance - does it suit your current mortgage and lifestyle?
  • Your Income Protection - does the 'waiting' period and benefit amount fit with your current work?
  • Your Home Insurance - when is it due for renewal?
  • Your Gas and Electric - are you on a fixed rate deal? When does it end? Could you save some money?
  • Can you review your heating and water programmer now that it is getting warmer?
  • Can you turn your water temperature down?
  • Are you on a fixed rate for your mortgage? When is it due? 
  • Do you have credit cards that you are paying interest on? Can you do anything with them?
  • Have you got any Wills in place?

Now is an ideal time to review your finances and I am sure there are more ways than the above. I can help you with:

  • Wills, Trusts and Lasting Power of Attorney - currently 20% off and done remotely
  • Life Insurance
  • Critical Illness Cover
  • Income Protection
  • Home Insurance
  • Business Insurance - Keyperson cover, Shareholder protection, Loan protection

I can also refer you for Mortgages, pensions, investments and other financial advice.

Enjoy de-cluttering, getting organised, taking care of yourself and having fun. 

Please take care.