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When it comes to your business you will already have insurance for your buildings and things such as Employers and Public Liability but what if something happened to you or your key staff? This is where we can help.

We understand that there will be people in your business, including yourself that have specialist knowledge, experience and skills. If they are unable to work it could have a detrimental effect on the business. In addition to this, if you are a Shareholder and have partners in the business, have you thought about what might happen to the shares/to the business if the worst happened to you or them?

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We work with SMEs within Hull, East Yorkshire and the Doncaster area.

No matter the industry, we will work with you to help you understand some of the risks you may face and help you to come up with solutions to safeguard the future of the business.

What products can we help you with?

Key Person Cover - Providing funds if someone key to your business is critically ill or dies. This will allow you to replace lost income or to recruit a replacement for example. This could be someone who has very specialist knowledge, experience and skills and/or someone who generates alot of sales for the business.

Shareholder Protection - This provides funds to allow the shareholders and/or beneficiary e.g. a spouse to buy/sell shares to allow the business to continue running whilst providing the family with financial reimbursement. This cover is really important is it means that the remaining business can retain their shares in the business without the risk of shares being placed into unwanted hands e.g. being sold to a competitor or a spouse with little or no experience becoming involved.

Loan Protection - This allows you to settle any loans including Directors Loans in the same way an individual can protect a mortgage. This protects the family but also the business.

Relevant Life Plans - A benefit for you and your employees, similar to a death in service policy.

Aswell as the above product as an Employee Benefit we can also help you with Group Private Medical (Health Insurance). We work with insurers such as Aviva, Bupa, AXA and Vitality Health.

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